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Cancellation 7 days prior to arrival: 100% of the accommodation fee
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No-show/non-arrival without prior notification: 100% of the accommodation fee
Parking 10 cars can park ( Free )
Free Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi in lobby and all rooms.
Other Bath tax is required separately (150yen per person)

Facility information

湯乃谷千慶 全景図


Senkei no Onsen in Tosenji Onsen is the oldest in Totsukawa hot spring town, and has been loved by all kinds of people for more than 560 years. Senkei no Onsen is a pure sulfur spring, where the faint scent of sulfur lingers. The water that bubbles out from the spring is 50 degrees Celsius. It is poured directly into all the bath tubs, 24 hours a day.
[ Large Bath ] Male bath & Female bath, 1 each. Complete with sauna. Opening times: 6:00 - 9:00 / 15:00 - 22:00


Independent guest-cottages Suite

A twin room with twin beds in a suite and a semi-double bedroom.
The outdoor bath. It is wider than the premium.

56,000yen~ per person
( Tax not included )

Size : 12 tatami + bedroom (semi-double) (79m2)
Capacity : 4 people
Bath : Inside bath / Outdoor bath
Other : Free Wi-Fi, Non smoking room


Independent guest-cottages Premium

Take a bath in a private space slowly and enjoy the luxurious time.

38,000yen~ per person
( Tax not included )

Size : 12 tatami (54m2)
Capacity : 4 people
Bath : Inside bath / Outdoor bath
Other : Free Wi-Fi, Non smoking room


Bath:Inside bath / Outdoor bath

The wooden deck in the garden extending from the broad veranda is fitted with an open air bath fed directly from the hot springs, and the tub is a bespoke piece made to the owner's taste from Shiragaki stoneware. Enjoy to your heart's content a luxurious time soaking in the bath, in a fully private space.There is also a bath inside the room.

*Apart from the guest room private baths, we also have a large bath (male bath, female bath) in the other building.

The main room equipment

Warm water wash toilet, washbasin,open-air bath, Kotatsu Honi, TV, Refrigerator, safe, electric kettle, hairdryer, bath towel, face towel, amenities.


Toothbrush, body towel, hairbrush, swab, cotton, shampoo, body soap, razor.


Taste the original taste of the material, pleasantly watching the sticking instruments. Materials are made from totsukawa material carefully selected from mountain, river, ocean, Kii peninsula ingredients.

Many Japanese cuisines that skilled chefs make with hearts and draw out the taste of materials to the ultimate.

Eating facility


A good bowl draws out the taste of the dish, Warm things in one warm,
cold ones will be available in restaurants in order to get served within cold.

Wine cellar-equipped bar    Opening hours  ~22:00


Please enjoy Japanese cuisine ingredients.

Photogallery by Instagram


Access Map

About 2 hours and 20 minutes from Osaka city
About 2 hours and 40 minutes from Kyoto city

Here to train does not pass to totsukawa-mura, please come by car or bus. Those arriving by train operate a route bus from Kintetsu:Yamato Yagi Station (Nara Prefecture), and JR Shinomiya Station(Wakayama).
From Totsukawa-mura-yakuba (Totsukawa town office), a shuttle bus leaves, please reserve by phone if you wish.

Free shuttle bus

From Totsukawa-mura-yakuba (Totsukawa town office), a shuttle bus leaves, please reserve by phone if you wish.

Tour around Senkei

There are many sightseeing places in this place has been repeated.


From the beautiful view, it is said to be "the town of the sky".
Walking along the cobblestone settlement will remember the old days.
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It is near the Tamaki mountain. A world heritage that Kobo Daishi also reportedly dropped in for training Cedars in the precincts are said to have age 3000.
Google Map
  • Tanise-turibashi
  • Sasanottaki
  • Shakagatake
  • Kumano-kodo kohechi
  • Dorokyou


I was invited by this sound,I became a traveler.
I want to spend time away from excesses and to live unfamiliar.
I am immersed in mysterious mountains, soaked in hot water, got nature's blessing, and sleep.

Enter the hot water made in a remote room and look up at the dark sky, eventually a star that will fall up will come down.
In the faint light, the trees sway in the wind, I feel the heart of the person who thinks people.
A moment that is not caught by anything will revive the senses.
Where I return to me, Yunotani Senkei.

Let's go greet to Tamaki shrine tomorrow.

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